Hair Lotion


Tired of thin, brittle hair? Our Hair Lotion will help revitalize your locks so you experience a fuller, thicker look.


This mild conditioner will maintain the elasticity of your hair while providing a silky smooth texture. The lotion will revitalize your follicles and stimulate longer, shinier and thicker hair from root to tip.

  • Mild conditioner that strengthens the hair roots.
  • Revitalizes the follicles.
  • Promotes longer and thicker hair.
  • Prevents split ends.

Active Herbs

  • Bhringraj is rich in protein and works to strengthen the structure of your hair
  • Henna, used for centuries, is the finest natural remedy for hair growth and scalp health
  • Jatamansi contains carotene which softens the hair and combats frizz

How To

USE: 3 times a week or whenever desired, with combination of the shampoo

How to use:

  • Squeeze small amount of Hair Lotion on palm.
  • Apply on wet hair, then gently massage hair and scalp working up a lather.
  • Wash hair thoroughly
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