Rose Toner


Rebalance the natural pH in your skin with our Rose Toner, which will help prevent impurities and smooth your complexion.


The natural aroma of rose adds a mood-enhancing dimension to the charm of fresh rose petals, which give a gentle boost to your skin. The oil of the rose petals absorbs into your skin and balances its pH naturally while the fusion of honey and sandalwood prevents impurities from penetrating into the skin. Our formula is cooling and offers smoothing and moisturizing properties, making it the perfect tonic for daily skin care.

  • Balances the skin’s pH naturally.
  • Prevents impurities from penetrating into the skin.
  • Makes the face smooth and radiant.

Active Herbs

  • Full of oxidants, honey can combat wrinkles and aging skin.
  • Sandalwood offers anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic, anti-aging, properties.
  • Rose water offers numerous benefits to people of all skin types.

How To

USE: Daily

How to use:

  • Clean the face with cleanser.
  • Use 1 teaspoon of Rose Toner and apply all over face with facial cotton
  • Let it dry


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