About us


What lies at our core is PASSION.

As a young woman I personally experienced a very severe form of hair loss, which left my confidence in tatters. I tried all the new age treatments available on the market but nothing worked. Just as I was about to give up and accept my reality, a memory of my 96 year old Grandmother who had thick lustrous hair throughout her life, came to me. I remember the simple herbal concoctions that she would make and apply dutifully on her bountiful locks. I remember one rainy Sunday afternoon where she sat whisking herbs in her little clay bowl, she said to me “Neeta, nature has everything you need to live a wonderful life.”

I hastened to India, the land of Ayurveda, to see if the magical herbs of the ancient world could alleviate my suffering. There I discovered a vast array of traditional remedies for pretty much every ailment. It was there that I finally found the solution to my falling hair, and it was that experience that brought to life our entire range of treatment methods.

In order to make the our herb-based treatment more effective we have teamed up with world-class research facilities to create a truly scientific approach to hair treatment.

These ancient remedies are truly a gift to humanity and after having experienced their wonders I deeply desired to make them available to as many people as I could. We are now available in the UK, US, Australia and Malaysia. Today you no longer need to cross the globe to treat hairloss, just visit your nearest branch and we will give you a free consultation to tell you more about the limitless possibilities of Herbal Hair Treatment.

“Nature has everything you need to live a wonderful life.”