Is Hair Loss Genetic?

Is hair loss genetic? Is there a way to stop it?

Hair loss or baldness is very traumatizing and has many unwelcome psychological effects. Baldness often runs in families, and that is because of genetics.

Hair loss is very common, which means that many people including you may carry traits for baldness. Is there a way you can stop it?

Keep in mind that genetics may not be the entire reason for your receding hairline. Environmental and lifestyle factors also influence hair growth as well.

It is normal for you to lose some hair; we tend to lose around 100 hair strands daily (around a small bunch). Despite losing that significant amount of hair, our body replaces them with new hair growths so you do not get bald spots[i].

The genes we inherit from our parents and grandparents dictate the texture, shape and hair growth cycles. Each hair follicle in the body has a continuous cycle of growth and resting phases. Normally, this cycle lasts for a lifetime so no thinning of hair takes place[ii]. If you have baldness genes, normal growth cycle in the follicles becomes disrupted at the ages of 20’s to 30’s that stops your hair from growing, causing thinning of hair or bald spots.

You may hear that baldness traits are inherited from your mother’s side. However, this is not true since children receive traits from both parents. To say it simply, your likelihood of early-age hair loss is high if baldness runs in the families of your mother and father[iii][iv].

Environment and lifestyle factors that cause hair loss

The factors in your environment and lifestyle can be the reason to hair loss. Pollution in air and water is a significant environmental factor for hair loss[v]. Pollutants contain heavy metals like mercury, cadmium, uranium and arsenic that cause hair loss in humans[vi]. These pollutants stop cells in the body from dividing. Hair follicles rely on rapid cell division in order to produce hair fibers.

You can counter the effects of pollution to your hair by using Ayurvedic herbs such as Brahmi and Amla, making them grow healthy hair again[vii]. According to the study, shampoo with Brahmi and Amla herbs are as or more effective than 2% minoxidil in increasing size and hair-building activity of low-functioning or dormant hair follicles.

Another important environmental factor is sun exposure, which is very bad to your hair and scalp. The keratin layer of the scalp is thin, which allows ultraviolet radiation to easily penetrate and reach hair follicles. Ultraviolet rays can slow growth of your hair, and studies show that it promotes inflammation in the hair follicles[viii]. Sun’s rays can also weaken the hair fibers itself and make it prone to breakage that can lead to thinning of hair[ix].

Our scalp is vulnerable to sun’s radiation because it is on top of the head, and unlike the skin, you cannot apply sunscreen on it. Protecting your scalp is one of the simplest and effective ways to control hair loss. Protect your hair and scalp from the harsh sun by using Ayurvedic hair preparations like Neeta’s Herbal Hair Oil, which contains almond oil that protects your scalp from sun’s radiation. In an animal study, almond oil helped protect the skin from ultraviolet radiation[x].

Your lifestyle can be a factor for hair loss as well. One very common cause of hair loss is stress. You will notice that individuals stressed in their jobs have lesser or balding hair compared to those who are not too overwhelmed with stress. Prolonged physical and emotional stress accelerates hair loss, especially if you are already genetically at risk. Stress alters function of immune system, causing inflammation in the hair follicles that stops hair growth[xi]. Uncontrolled stress is also linked to a condition called alopecia areata, which cause the hair to fall out in clumps and result to bald spots on scalp[xii].

We encounter stress every day, but there is a simple fix to save your hair. Coconut oil contains lauric acid that reduces protein loss in hair strands and rejuvenates damaged hair when used before and after bathing[xiii][xiv]. Use Neeta’s Herbal Hair Oil, which contains coconut oil that deliver lauric acid to your hair strands to stop hair loss.

The hair is very sensitive to overall health of the body[xv]. Nutrient deficiencies slow hair growth, and if the body does not get enough nutrients, it begins to shed hair. In addition, losing weight can make you lose hair because it reduces inflow of nutrients to hair follicles. Rapid or unexpected weight loss causes hair follicles to stop growing hair and cause hair loss[xvi]. Medical conditions like diabetes, hormonal imbalances (like thyroid issues), childbirth and even anemia and use of certain medicines can also induce hair loss[xvii].

Hair products with Jatamansi and methi seeds (fenugreek) can help restart hair growth and formation of healthy hair, and are natural methods of addressing hair loss due to sickness and nutritional deficiencies. Jatamansi and methi is proven in studies to induce dormant hair follicles to create hair strands again[xviii][xix][xx]. Rejuvenate and promote growth of healthy hair by using Neeta’s Herbal Hair Oil and Hair Tonic, which contain Jatamansi and methi seeds.

With proper and consistent treatment, hair loss is completely reversible. This is true even for cases of hair loss caused by genetic predisposition or medical conditions.

Reverse hair loss with Neeta’s Herbal Ayurveda Hair Products

Genetics and family history may influence the hair growth cycle, but the lifestyle you have and the environment you live has more to say about the health of your hair. Pollutants, stress, exposure to harsh sunlight and medical conditions can induce baldness. Address these ever-present factors with Neeta’s Herbal hair products to treat and reverse your baldness and thinning hair.

Neeta’s Herbal contains Ayurvedic herbs with proven effectiveness against hair loss and baldness. Whether your hair loss is caused by stress, genetic predisposition, medical condition and exposure to sun and pollution, Neeta’s Herbal can treat it. Neeta’s Herbal is recommended for baldness and hair thinning in men and women.

Neeta’s Herbal hair product line includes Hair Oil, Amla and Henna Shampoo, Hair Tonic and Hair Cream. Neeta’s Herbal use coconut oil, almond oil, Brahmi, Amla, fenugreek, Jatamansi and henna – Ayurvedic herbs that work to promote robust growth of healthy hair.

Neeta’s Herbal products are proven effective against hair loss, so buy now! Visit Neeta’s Herbal Clinic for hair evaluation so you can know the factors and causes of hair loss and effective treatment modalities. We have particular formulations for dry or oily scalp, baldness and hair thinning, and a visit in our clinic will help you choose the best treatment to your hair problem. 

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