Neeta's Solution to Avoid Going "Botak"


There are days in everyone’s lives where you wake up one morning looking forward to a bright new day only to realize that no matter how much preening, brushing, spraying, combing and pruning you do there’s not a thing that’ll fix that shaggy mess that sits atop your head. It is a well-known fact that in today’s world, the way we look is direct reflection of who we are, and your hairdo is a huge part of your appearance.

Hair frames the face, the feature considered most important in terms of first impressions. Faces generally are viewed as playing a greater role than bodies when it comes to attraction between people. Following a person's smile, eyes and skin, their hair is often the next feature people notice on first encounters.

According to a new study per cent of working women admit that the way they look can boost their confidence at work a lot, with 33 per cent going on to say they're pretty sure their boss will take them more seriously if they have great nails, skin and hair - never mind ideas.

Here at Neeta’s Herbal, we strive to rid the world of “Bad-Hair Days” an in order to do so we have come up with a few simple tips that will make sure that you never experience on again.


The Cause: Using the Wrong Product

We all know that using the wrong type of skin care products can wreak havoc, so it comes as no surprise that the wrong choice of shampoo and conditioner can effectively ruin your hair. In order to ensure that you're using the right products you have to know what your hair type is. Make sure you get it right by trying a free consultation at one of your nearest Neeta’s Herbal branch.

The Fix:  Once our consultants have figured out your specific hair type, you'll be able to experience the benefits of using the right type of product on your hair. This in turn will allow you to style effectively after every wash and avoid any and all hair related fiascos.


The Cause: Washing too much

Having fresh, clean and non-greasy hair is always a good thing but overdoing it can lead to serious consequences. Shampooing too much can strip your hair off its natural oils, leaving your hair dry and prone to breakage, like a flower without water. Washing too frequently weakens the hair shaft and makes it impossible to create those extravagant styles that we all crave.

In addition, an overly dry scalp can trick your oil glands into thinking that they’re not working hard enough to protect your scalp. This in turn can spur them to produce excess oil thus to compensate for this self-inflicted dryness.

The Fix: wash your hair every two days instead or every day, and use a dry herb-based shampoo such as Neeta’s Herbal Amla Shampoo to keep your locks supple and strong.


How it goes Wrong: Heating and Curling too often

Each strand of your hair comprises 3 distinct layers, the medulla which is the innermost layer, the cortex in the middle and the cuticle, which forms the outer surface of the hair shaft. Most of our hair issues are caused by damage to cuticle from various sources such as heat from the sun, hair styling appliances, as well as chlorine and salt water.

Once the cuticle is damaged, the inner layers of the hair, the medulla and the cortex, are left unprotected. Such a situation can cause hair to lose its natural shine and trigger other issues such as split ends and hair breakage.


The Fix:  Avoid the following

  • Overuse of hot styling tools (irons, curlers, blow dryers, hot combs).
  • Overuse of chemical treatments (relaxers, perms, hair color).
  • Excessive use of styling products (gels, waxes and sprays or any with alcohol)


To complement this, begin a weekly regime that includes an oil massage to protect your hair from environmental damage such as heat, cold, wind and acidic rain. Book an oil massage at your nearest Neeta’s Herbal outlet for a relaxing session where we combine red palm oil and coconut oil to soothe the scalp and strengthen your hair.

The truth is, Bad-Hair Days are not inescapable, you just need to follow a few simple steps to keep them at bay. In summary, don’t use products that are not appropriate for your hair-type, don’t wash you hair excessively and certainly do not overdo it with the curling irons ad straighteners (avoid them altogether if possible). In addition, if you want your hair to remain radiant and silky smooth, come visit Neeta’s Herbal for a pampering session of oil therapy whenever you can.


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